Palmistry and Tarot Readings

Palm Reading Lines and Guide, Love Tarot Card Reading

How to Read Palms and Tarot Readings

Palm reading, or palmistry is the foretelling of the future through the study of the palm. It’s been practiced around the world by numerous different cultures for thousands of years. The earliest known evidence of it was found in China more than 5,000 years ago.

Palm reading became popular again in Western society about 130 years ago, when William John Warner, known as Cheiro, after studying palmistry for more than 10 years in the far East, opened an office in New York and read the palms and fortunes of numerous celebrities.

Mark Twain, the great skeptic, wrote in Cheiro’s visitor book, “Cheiro has exposed my character to me with humiliating accuracy. I ought not to confess this accuracy, still I am moved to do it.”

The basic rational behind palm reading is that the brain has nerves that run directly to the hands and feet. Our personality traits, our behavior, and our desires are all seen in these extremities. It’s not only the lines of our hands that can tell us about ourselves and our future, but also the flexibility, suppleness, coloring, shape, and firmness of our hands.

Reflexology and Palmistry are two sciences that recognize that this knowledge and understanding can be used to help us learn about ourselves.


How to Read Palms

Learning how to read palms begins with the foundation. It’s best to read both hands to get the best understanding palmmountsof the individual. You’ll need to know the dominant hand of the person. Generally I prefer to start with the passive hand to get an indication of the person’s background and then move to the dominant ha
nd, to see which direction s/he is headed. The dominant hand will change more often, because it represents most
of your thoughts and actions. The non-dominant hand will stay mostly the same because it represents your past and your innate talents and character traits, which tend to change much less often.

At first, the hand is separated into two different categories – your personal characteristics, which is represented by the palm of your hand, and how you interact with other people, which is represented by your fingers.

In palm reading, it’s important to look at lines and the mounts. The life line, heart line, head line, and destiny line are the major lines to look for. The mounts focus on where your energy lies. The mounts that are larger or more developed represent strengths – this knowledge is something you can take fuller advantage of once you become more knowledgeable about them.


Tarot Readings

tarot lovePeople have used Tarot readings to not only foretell the future, but also to help shape it through what is learned by using the c
ards. When used correctly, Tarot can provide answers and guidance for all of life’s major decisions. Tarot has been used by royalty, spiritual leaders, and other influential people for centuries. It has also frequently been used by the common man to help make good decisions throughout their lives.



Love Tarot Reading

One of the most common uses of Tarot has been in helping with decisions of the heart. Love Tarot readings are frequently very effective, but only when getting a reading from a genuine psychic or clairvoyant. Love Tarot readings are not the only way to use Tarot – it can also be used as a tool for self-development, growth, and to provide clarity to life’s difficult choices.

The most profound benefit of using Tarot is that it can provide a glimpse of your future if you don’t change – but many times seeing that glimpse is enough motivation to inspire positive change and can lead to a better life.